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Gsoc Week 2

For week one i generated Open web App(OWA) following the openmrs specification. this week was not easy for me. i faced a couple of problems that took me some time to fix. Despite the problems i faced, i decided to start with a static UI for the Add Test Type with little or no styling as per my workflow. One of my major problems for this week was to work while learning alongside. As a beginner in ReactJS, i had to understand some major concepts before implementing them.

I started this week by going through on how to install the openmrs reference application style guide found here then I move to installing the openmrs react-components documentation i found here. I later on move to building the UIs sketch

This is just a sketch UI with no styling to show my current work for the week.

I had a couples of blockers which i will love to mention,
Blockers: I had difficulty understanding on how to use the OpenMRS react-components that i installed. Also I did some dependency update on my project package.json file and after that i tried running npm run build:deploy which failed. (this problem took me up to 4 hrs of my work time to resolve, which i successfully did).
As of now my major challenge is learning React and Working at the same time. But i have decided to resolve this by increasing my working hours so i get enough time to work and learn at the same time.

Week 3 Commits:
> Style my first UI and make it functional
>Start Building the metaData dashboard UI to switch between manager Test Types and manager Attribute types.


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