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GSoC community bonding at OpenMRS

After the list of selected have been publish the community bonding period begins.

During community bonding students are expected to get to know their mentors and the work they have to. at this i got to know my mentor attend the introductory call, setup a trello account to track down the workflow of my project. i also got learn about SDK and to use the one used by my organisation (openmrs-sdk) the community bonding was good since i got to see the actual aspect of communicating with both mentors and the community. Building the present module of my project was one of my main concern during this period, but doing so was not easy due to my maven version which i was running (maven 3.6) and had to down grade (maven version 3.2.5) . i also found the community bonding in my organisation very interesting since, i got see daily reminder and information to students and what they are to do as concern the whole program.

The google telegram group brings GSoC students of each year together, to chat and share ideas on their projects. So far i will say i enjoy every little bit of the program and how it goes. After this period of community bonding the actual coding phase one start. Setting up your development environment is a key aspect during community bonding, which i did and my first first task for the the community bonding period was to re-write my proposal since the project assigned to me was not the actual project I went for. Gsoc program i most say have put a lot in me for this short while and I know there is still more am going to learn before the end of the program.


Published by Wandji Collins

Student, Interested in coding, software development and Open source. Love basketball and music

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